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HELP NEEDED: Have you seen this sexual assault suspect?

NORTH HIGLANDS, CA - The public's help is needed in finding a sexual assault suspect, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said.

A 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted early Friday morning near Kirkby Way and Walerga Road, Deputy Jason Ramos said.

The suspect approached the victim on foot and began talking to her; when she tried to leave, the suspect attacked and sexually assaulted her. Ramos said the man then ran from the scene, going northbound on Walerga Way.

The suspect is described as a black man in his 20s with dark skin, about 5'10" tall with a medium build. Ramos said he had dreadlocks and wore a dark-colored jacket at the time of the assault.

Anyone with information about the crime or the whereabouts of the suspect is urged to call 916-874-5070.

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Roseville man arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse

ROSEVILLE, CA - Late in June, Roseville police arrested a local resident on suspicion of sexually abusing a minor.

According to Dee Dee Gunther with the Roseville Police Department, 45-year-old Michael Scott Nodine was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a child over a period of ten years. 

Since his arrest on June 26th, Nodine was charged with two more offenses related to sexual abuse of other children. Gunther also said police believe he may have molested other children as well; boys and girls ranging from five years old to the mid-teens.

According to Gunther, Nodine has lived in the Rocklin and Roseville area during the periods of the alleged abuse.

Nodine did not work with children but police said they believe he found the alleged victims through family and social friendships. They also said that he was an avid video game player and may have contacted children through gaming groups.

Dinner Fundraiser To Support Sacramento Area Feed My Starving Children MobilePack

Dinner Fundraiser To Support Sacramento Area Feed My Starving Children MobilePack

ROSEVILLE – A local effort to pack 500,000 meals for malnourished children around the world is holding its first major fundraiser for 2012, a special dinner on Aug. 3 catered by Randy Peters Catering and Event Planning.

All of the proceeds of the fundraising dinner, to be held at Valley Springs Church at 2401 Olympus Drive in Roseville, will benefit the non-profit Feed My Starving Children MobilePack event. The MobilePack is scheduled for Nov. 13-17 at William Jessup University.

The dinner for 200 is being donated by Randy Peters Catering and Event Planning.

“We are very honored to partner with Randy and Lisa Peters for this special fundraiser,” said Kris Glass, the Feed My Starving Children MobilePack event organizer.

Placer County display at the California State Fair

Placer County display at the California State Fair

Visiting the fair exhibits is one of my favorite ways to get out of the heat at the Calfornia State Fair in Sacramento. There is even an exhibit that showcases every county in California. I thought the Placer County exhibit did a really good job of showing the charm and fun the county offers, as well as how scenic it is. It looked very well though-out and put together. 

If you plan to make it out to the fair, check out Exhibit Building A on the bottom floor to see all of the county displays. You can tell everyone involved put a lot of effort into representing the charm of each individual county.

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Racecar driver dies in crash at Roseville Speedway

ROSEVILLE, CA - A crash at the All American Speedway in Roseville led to one driver's death on Saturday evening.

The driver was racing in the spectator qualifying series when he crashed head-on into tire barriers near the exit of the track, according to witnesses.

Witnesses also said that the driver did not attempt to slow down befor the crash.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office responded to the raceway at around 7:45 P.M. along with emergency crews; where he was pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver was identified as Ron Pestana.

"Masterpiece Medley" Artists Membership Show July 20 - Aug 18

"Masterpiece Medley"  Artists Membership Show July 20 - Aug 18

Come see a master artists group show highlighting Blue Line Artist Members! 

110 pieces will be covering the entire gallery (except the children's gallery).

VIDEOS: Baby snow leopards recorded first time ever

MONGOLIA - For the first time ever, the den sites of two female snow leopards and their cubs have been located and videos of the cubs have been recorded, said scientists from Panthera, a wild cat conservation organization, and the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT).

Researchers have been trying for decades to study the snow leopards secretive lives, but the animal's elusive nature and the extremely treacherous landscape they inhabit makes tracking them nearly impossible.

Until now.

PHOTO: Baby snow leopards

The discovery provides invaluable insight into the life story of the snow leopard, SLT researchers said.