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Unemployed seeking help in Modesto, Roseville

ROSEVILLE, CA -  A new series of job workshops are set to begin Tuesday morning at the Roseville Connections Center.  Over the past two years, about 400 people have attended the workshop.  And according to those who run the event, 78% of the attendees found jobs with the average salary being $55,000 per year.

The workshop pairs the unemployed with employers.  Attendees are taught the importance of social media, networking, and how it all plays a role in landing a job.

Organizers call their approach different and unique.

They also work with the underemployed, such as those who may have had hours scaled back, or are working part-time when they should be working full-time.

The workshop is meant for those interested in mid to upper level management.  The average age of the attendees is 48.

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Most Inappropriate Carnival Ride Ever

Most Inappropriate Carnival Ride Ever

Hi! I know it’s been FOREVER. And instead of vomiting all over the page I thought I’d share something slightly disturbing.

Last weekend the hubs, Bronwyn and I went to BerryFest in Roseville. It’s a Strawberry Festival which included a kid’s fun zone. I saw a giant inflatable slide and thought “Bronwyn would love that”. Until I saw its theme.

Let’s just say there was no sliding for us. I refuse to let my child play on something symbolizing that much death and destruction.....

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Pilot killed in E. Nicolaus crop duster crash identified

SUTTER COUNTY, CA - A pilot killed when his crop duster went down in the area of Nicolaus Avenue and Highway 70 in East Nicolaus Monday morning has been identified as 50-year-old Nathaniel Alan Brown of Sacramento.

No information was provided on a possible cause of the crash, which occurred about 6:40 a.m., according to the Sutter County Sheriff's Department.

Brown worked for Farm Air more than 20 years.

"We've never lost a pilot.  It's pretty shocking.  We're just sitting here staring at each other," said one co-worker.

The National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the cause of the crash.

Local Museums Offer Fun Summer Camps & Activities for Kids!

Local Museums Offer Fun Summer Camps & Activities for Kids!

Just in time for summer! 

In addition to its fascinating Gold Rush past, the Sacramento area is rich with an amazing array of state-of-the-art museums and historic sites that offer visitors the chance to explore California’s fine art, history, science, and wildlife treasures all year long.   And while all the 29 participating local museums offer a wealth of experiences just waiting to be explored, a few museums offer specially-designed activities and programs perfect for inspiring and engaging children during the more leisurely summer months. 

Outlined below is a sampling of available summer programs and activities coordinated by local museums:

Four-Day Aerospace Summer Camp at the Aerospace Museum of California - June 11-14 & August 6-9
This four-day camp introduces aviation to students ages 13 to 17 and includes pilots language, aircraft basics, flight controls, forces of flight, weight and gravity, basic flight da

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First You Have to Crack Some Eggs

First You Have to Crack Some Eggs

Jack helped me make brownies today. He'd never really helped me in the kitchen before (not that I actually do that much cooking anyway), so I thought it was time he at least learned how to crack an egg. I helped him with the first egg. Thought if I showed him just how much (how little?) force you actually need to crack an egg he'd get the idea. First egg went great. Second egg: barely tapped it enough to crack it, so when he tried to pull the shell apart, the whole egg went splat on the floor. Much giggling and hilarity ensued. Also gagging. Raw eggs are kind of gross. Especially if you've never handled one before.

Eventually we had two eggs, sans shells, in a small bowl and were able to proceed.

Rock Revival Experience

Rock Revival Experience

Adventure Christian Church and Rock Revival Experience-Journey to Eternity are holding a benefit concert for Full Circle Treatment Center.

Admission is free but donations are encouraged.

This event will feature informational booths from the Coalition for Placer Youth, Roseville Police Activities League, the CHP drunk driving car, Youth for Christ, Banana Moments, Pathways to Prevention, local author Brad DeHaven and more.

There will be food, a coffee bar, great raffle prizes and an evening of fantastic family friendly entertainment.

The opening act will be Cameron McCallister, slam poet from the Hip Hop Congress along with comedy from Austin Taylor.