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Racecar driver dies in crash at Roseville Speedway

ROSEVILLE, CA - A crash at the All American Speedway in Roseville led to one driver's death on Saturday evening.

The driver was racing in the spectator qualifying series when he crashed head-on into tire barriers near the exit of the track, according to witnesses.

Witnesses also said that the driver did not attempt to slow down befor the crash.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office responded to the raceway at around 7:45 P.M. along with emergency crews; where he was pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver was identified as Ron Pestana.

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"Masterpiece Medley" Artists Membership Show July 20 - Aug 18

"Masterpiece Medley"  Artists Membership Show July 20 - Aug 18

Come see a master artists group show highlighting Blue Line Artist Members! 

110 pieces will be covering the entire gallery (except the children's gallery).

VIDEOS: Baby snow leopards recorded first time ever

MONGOLIA - For the first time ever, the den sites of two female snow leopards and their cubs have been located and videos of the cubs have been recorded, said scientists from Panthera, a wild cat conservation organization, and the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT).

Researchers have been trying for decades to study the snow leopards secretive lives, but the animal's elusive nature and the extremely treacherous landscape they inhabit makes tracking them nearly impossible.

Until now.

PHOTO: Baby snow leopards

The discovery provides invaluable insight into the life story of the snow leopard, SLT researchers said.

Canvas, Cocktails & Creativity with Artist Aimee Rebmann

Canvas, Cocktails & Creativity with Artist Aimee Rebmann

Fair Oaks -- When artist Aimee Rebmann's teaching career hit a bump, she invented a wonderful business called "Creative Juices Events" traveling around town teaching people how to paint... stuff. Aimee's budding artists meet at public places, restaurants and private home parties where we are instructed step-by-step how to paint on canvas blending acrylics (they dry quickly and wash out of clothing). During her professional teaching career, Aimee taught art to young students and explains basic painting from sketching the outline on our canvas, which brush to use, how to blend colors and layer paint. And she does this cheerfully because Aimee loves showing us how to create art. Many years ago, comedian Tom Dreesen told me he's a happy man because he made his avocation his vocation and life is good. Aimee Rebmann achieves the same result by teaching art to us all around town.

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Emergency Road repairs Highway 65

Emergency Road repairs Highway 65

CHP advises emergency road repairs will close a lane of Northbound Highway 65 just south of Twelve Bridges though noon July 12th, 2012.

August Army Of Angels Meeting

August Army Of Angels Meeting

Army Of Angels an international coalition of child advocacy individuals, groups, businesses and organizations, will host their monthly Greater Sacramento region meeting Tuesday evening August 7th starting at 6:00 P.M. 5690 Mesa Verde Circle Rocklin,CA. 95677.Guests are asked to confirm participation in advance and bring an item for the pot luck dinner. Meeting/food theme will be Luah.

Current area Army Of Angels projects include WynSpring Bidz-4-Kidz August 26th at Sunrise Event Center and Diva Day. Planning is also under way for National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April)2013.Those wishing to attend get their pot luck assignment or learn more may contact Army Of Angels Founder Kathleen Moore at 916-259-4396.