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How to edit someone else's work

How to edit someone else's work

Editing, editing, editing. If you don't do it, you've been the victim of it. As a professional grows in their career, the chances of having to do it increase, since you'll often be looking over your employees' work. As an editor, I'm constantly looking over others' work, and the last thing I want to do is discourage them

One of the biggest misconceptions about editing is that it's all about typos and punctuation. It isn't. A good editor will make your writing not just more correct, but also clearer, easier to read, and easier to understand.

When possible, I try to let the writer have at it in between each read, although sometimes the process does get squished together (then reads one and two usually blend together).  My editing process usually goes something like this.

First read
Don't pick up the pen just yet (I have to remind myself of this every time).

GameTruck opens a Sacramento area franchise

GameTruck opens a Sacramento area franchise

The GameTruck Corporation, the world's first mobile video game theater franchise, announced Wednesday that it is rolling out a new franchise in  the Sacramento area.

Owned by Loomis residents Allan and Jan Katzen, the franchise boasts a patent pending mobile gaming theatre that can be rented for parties and corporate events. With the explosive growth and overwhelming popularity of video games, demand for the company's services is soaring.

"We are delighted to add another franchise to the GameTruck family," said Scott Novis, founder of GameTruck. "GameTruck attracts a diverse audience, from children to adults, personal birthday parties and events to corporate gatherings and product launches.

"Gaman" T-Shirt Bringing Relief to Japan

You and probably everyone you know has been affected in some way by the disasters in Japan, whether emotionally or personally.  Regardless, most of us feel inclined to help out in some way.

Local freelance designer, Lain Lee 3, decided that his way of helping out would be through one of the things he does best; design.  Lain Lee 3 has designed a new Limited Edition T-shirt around the Japanese word, "Gaman," which represeents endurance, patience and perseverence - especially in times of trouble.  He is selling his shirts for $25 a piece, and ALL of the proceeds will go directly to relief organizations, including the Red Cross. He has this to say about his newest design:

"'Gaman' is a Japanese word meaning 'endurance, patience, perseverance and tolerance.' More importantly, 'Gaman' is a way of life, a unifying idea that helps the Japanese to persevere and overcome any obstacle.

Rocklin Business Summit: Big Business Marketing for Small Businesses

Rocklin, Calif. - When local business owners were asked last year about their biggest challenges, a recurring theme emerged: How can a small business effectively use marketing to grow and thrive?

To help local businesses market better in a 2011 World, marketing experts, in partnership with the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce, will conduct a special Rocklin Business Summit on Tuesday, March 29.

Attendees will learn how to retain customers, gain new business, and implement a cohesive plan that leverages small business marketing dollars.

Presentations include:

The City of Lincoln will not see an anticipated one-time revenue boost

The City of Lincoln will not see an anticipated one-time revenue boost as anticipated in its 2011-2012 budget.

The City has been informed by its affordable housing developer, Mercy Housing, that they will be leaving the single-family housing business to focus exclusively on developing and managing affordable rental housing properties. This means that the $1.1 million land sale for the Creekside Project in Lincoln that would have generated one-time revenue for the City’s General Fund for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 will not be moving forward at this time.

Last month, the projected deficit for the City’s General Fund for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 had been estimated to be approximately $1 million, and City staff has been working diligently to close that gap.

AugustineIdeas Hires Sonny Mayugba as Executive Vice President: Super-Connector Will Help Sacramento

AugustineIdeas Hires Sonny Mayugba as Executive Vice President: Super-Connector Will Help Sacramento

ROSEVILLE (Feb. 8) – Sonny Mayugba is joining the Roseville-based AugustineIdeas team as it continues to grow its business and expand its services. Over the last few years, the firm expanded service offerings into the consumer retail, digital and social media spheres. As Executive Vice President, Mayugba will identify and develop new business opportunities, guide agency strategy and keep a pulse on new technology relevant to the agency’s clients.

“Over the last year I’ve worked closely with AugustineIdeas and I’m thrilled to see how intimately aware of the digital landscape the team is,” said Mayugba. “Our goal is continue to be competitive with firms in Silicon Valley, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

Mayugba has been in media and sales for almost 20 years. As Co-Founder and Publisher of Heckler Magazine (a youth culture action sports magazine) at age 23 he helped pioneer desktop publishing.

Small business owners receive hands-on asset protection strategies

Leaders Without Limits, a Loomis business management firm specializing in asset protection, is hosting a unique educational event for small business owners.

When: Feb. 26 from 10:00 a.m.