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Autism's Amazing Power of Self-Focus

Autism's Amazing Power of Self-Focus

Some animals eat their young. And I think I know why. They're probably sleep deprived because their little ones won't let them sleep.

Charlie's been working some late nights lately. It's really hard on him, cause he's not a night person. He doesn't have as much energy as he used to. When we were first dating, we could both work all day and afterwards go to dinner and a movie. These days I'm in my pajamas as soon as the sun goes down. We're normally in bed by 10:00 pm. Might watch the news for a few minutes, but I'm usually out by 10:30. I have to get up early to get Jack off to school. There is no sleeping late in this house. Jack won't allow it.

He's gotten pretty good about falling to sleep in his own room most nights. We have a whole bedtime routine we follow: bath, snack, reading, teeth, bed.

Help Raley's 'Food For Families' Fight Hunger in Our Community

Help Raley's 'Food For Families' Fight Hunger in Our Community

Join News10 and our friends at Raley's, Bel Air and Food Source for the Raley's Food for Families holiday food drive.

It's EASY!

Just go to the Raley's Food For Families Facebook page and click on the LIKE button and/or the TWEET button and Raley's will donate 25 cents to help fight hunger in our community.

Student video costly for Roseville High School District

GRANITE BAY, CA - The Roseville High School District paid nearly $200,000 to fight a lawsuit filed after a video led to trouble for a student.

Two years ago Mike Harris said his son, Erick, wrote, produced and directed a video that was a spoof on teen culture in Granite Bay.  It talked about making money, chasing girls and popping pills.

"They posted it on YouTube," Harris explained. "The video was made at our house and about 15 current and former students participated."

Harris said he thought the video was funny, but when his son started his senior year at Granite Bay High School administrators apparently failed to see the humor.

"We got a call and were told we needed to come to the school to discuss some issues concerning the video," Harris said.  He said administrators admitted Erick hadn't broken any rules but they believed it reflected poorly on the school and there could be consequences.

Black Friday: Stock lists and doorbusters


SACRAMENTO -- Over the past several months, with the help of our sister stations, we've gathered and verified Black Friday Stock Lists for Walmart, Costco, Target and more!  

The lists showcase which products will be on sale Black Friday, and the products marked [Early Bird] are limited quantity, door-buster items.

Please keep in mind that stock of the hottest items will sell-out extremely quickly and stores sometimes make last-minute adjustments.

Plan your Black Friday shopping now by clicking the store names below and downloading the detailed stock lists.  All the lists are in PDF format.