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Something's Funny Behind the Door

Something's Funny Behind the Door


I have a folder in my Outlook email called "Jackisms." When Jack was smaller, I would write down the cute things he would say or do and save them in that folder. You forget so much as they get older. I wish there was a place you could save that baby smell. Not that one, the good one. The fresh out of the bath in the clean jammies smell.   When Jack was two, we lived in a very small apartment. Here's a story I recorded for posterity nearly nine years ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do re-reading it now:   The second bathroom in our apartment has two doors: one enters from the hallway (of course) and the other leads to Jack's bedroom (or I should say, "playroom" cause he certainly doesn't sleep in there--he prefers the dormitory style sleeping arrangements of Mom and Dad's room).

VIDEO: Little boy sings Marines Hymn

A young boy sang the Marines Hymn while Senator Ted Gaines was honoring veterans.  

Family Diversity

Family Diversity

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and families in this last year. The diversity of people and their particular situations has only reinforced my belief that America fosters a specific spirit to blaze a unique lifestyle to achieve person’s highest potential. Central to a person achieving or moving toward their dreams and goals are supportive communities and families.

It has been truly inspiring to hear the stories of people who attribute their success directly to their church, community, non-profit association, family or a combination of all. Of course, when you read those words, you will immediately have your particular vision of what those support groups look like. I am no different.

Who's Hiring: David's Bridal

ROSEVILLE, CA - David's Bridal is hiring Alteration Specialists, Bridal Consultants, Dress Specialists, and Customer Service Reps.

Some experience is required.Click on the above link for details.