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Granite Bay man sentenced for aircraft parts repair fraud

A Granite Bay man who jurors said conspired to commit fraud regarding airplane part repairs was sentenced to federal prison Tuesday.

William Hugh Weygendt, 64, who owned WECO Aerospace Systems Inc. with shops in Lincoln and Burbank until 2007, must surrender to authorities to begin serving his two and a half year sentence on Sept. 23, according to the U.S.District Attorney office, Eastern District of California.

Folsom Lake Kia responds to hole-in-one prize screwup


SACRAMENTO - The general manager of Folsom Lake Kia and Ford says a series of errors led a Roseville chiropractor to believe he had won a $66,000 Kia sedan during a charity golf tournament.


Roseville golfer teed off over hole-in-one prize

Roseville golfer teed off over hole-in-one prize

ROSEVILLE - A golfer who thought he'd won a $66,000 luxury sedan with a tournament hole-in-one is accusing the sponsoring car dealer of poor sportsmanship for switching the prize.

Allan Ross, a Roseville chiropractor, sunk the lucky shot off the third tee at the Granite Bay Golf Club on May 7 during a charity tournament to benefit local schools.

"I know nobody thought it was going to happen," Ross said of the par-3 hole. "And me, least of all."

Ross said a $66,000 Kia K900 sedan was parked near the tee, and tournament organizers immediately pulled him over to the car to take photographs after the hole-in-one was verified.

Ross also posed for pictures at the car with sponsor Chuck Peterson, owner of Folsom Lake Kia and Ford, and Peterson's son Jon, the general manager.

Ross got his second surprise a few minutes later.

2 Roseville women make major fashion fix for female tennis players

ROSEVILLE – Two women are serving up a dose of style and solving an age old problem for women tennis players.

Women have been playing tennis since the late 19th century. While the sport's fashion has evolved over the years, it took more than a century for a major fashion fix - pants with hidden pockets for tennis balls.

"I noticed women on neighboring courts having no place to put the tennis ball," Denise Antoniadis said. "Many of them were stuffing them in their shirt or under a sweater."

Antoniadis had the idea two years ago, and then partnered with Lisa Podlipnik.

"I think I personally went into it a little bit naïve, not knowing what I was getting into," Podlipnik admitted.

Roseville mobile home fire park deemed arson

ROSEVILLE - Firefighters said a fire that destroyed four mobile homes and severely damaged a fifth home was started by arson.

The fire broke out about 5:20 p.m. Friday in southwest Placer County. It erupted in in an empty field at PFE and Walerga roads and burned 5 acres.

The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Melanie Orantes, was arrested Friday while firefighters fought the flames. Witnesses saw Orantes throw a cigarette into a field and walk away. Detectives were able to track her down and take her into custody. Orantes was booked into Placer County Jail for arson; her bail has been set at $150,000.

Suspension of VA benefits at Corinthian leaves future uncertain for veterans

ROSEVILLE - Sacramento-area veterans say the educational benefits that have helped them pay for classes at schools owned by the troubled, for-profit education company Corinthian Colleges have been suspended.

That includes Heald College in Roseville.

Nick Morgan was on his way to his last midterm of the session when he learned about the VA's move to suspend the GI Bill Benefit for Corinthian schools. Now, he's not sure what's in store for his future as negotiations continue.

Heald College in Roseville is one of more than 100 campuses across the country owned by the troubled Corinthian Colleges, Inc. California's Attorney General sued Corinthian last year, accusing the company of lying to students about the value of their education. The company faces multiple state and federal investigations.

No charges for trio in alleged Rocklin school threats

Three students at Whitney High School who were being investigated for alleged threats of gun violence at their school are in the clear.

The Placer County District Attorney's Office will not press charges against 18-year-old Justin Hermann and two 17 year olds who were arrested in late May. The trio were accused of perceived threats against their school. The Rocklin Police Department investigated and determined the alleged threats were not substantiated and sent its findings to the district attorney for review.

Assistant District Attorney Jeff Wilson said Hermann posted a message on social media in April that a friend of his was going to "shoot up the school." Herrmann later admitted to investigators his friend never made such a statement. However, other students saw the posting and shared it.